WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


2012 – to be or not to be?

divider-postHey ppl, its been a lot of months and no new updates on the WoW movie project, at least nothing officially, just rumors and speculations. So to keep you updated, I will share some of my thoughts with you 🙂

Since after BlizzCon 2011 there wasn’t even a word about the movie and now there won’t even be BlizzCon 2012, there is a community feeling they dropped the project – but they didn’t. In last few months there were some rumors that production will start this spring, then it was moved to summer and atm its late summer speculation. One thing that boggled my mind is how much exactly Blizzard is involved in this project and my feeling is, not as much ppl think they are. They sold the rights to Legendary Pictures and probably just kept few ppl as advisors since after all it is Blizzard franchise – there is where Metzen position in movie production probably is.

So they found the perfect project director in Sam Raimi, script work started and movie fund jumped to $200 mil. Some actors signed so it seemed like things are rolling, then script phase became rather long and on IMDB Pro the project is still in Script phase with Robert Rodat working on it. He wrote script for Saving Private Ryan so let us hope he will do good with WoW script. Then some lately Legendary Pictures moves hit me, maybe its LP who is actually stalling the whole project cuz they don’t have enough money to start working on it cuz they went with some other projects in last few years (Batman Trilogy) and game to movie is always risky.

Few weeks ago they pulled the plug on the movie Paradise Lost, the project was about to start production with actors picked and script done but due to whole project getting rather expensive, they pulled the plug on it. Also rumor is they got a loan from China (don’t know if they have some movie co-production company there or China is the world creditor these days) for a bigger sum of money that will maybe put on feet some of those stalled projects.

If you check the latest LP projects, this year they have the last part of Batman coming which earned a billion and didn’t even came to cinemas, figuratively speaking ofc, but the movie will be huge hit. Then they have sequel to Clash of the Titans which looks much better then first movie and my opinion is that it will make some serious cash, and that’s it for this year. Two sequels, cuz they make most money, but one closing trilogy and for the next one I didn’t hear there is third one in planning so far.

For the next year they have couple of heavy movies, Man of Steel (MoS 2 already in plans), Jack the Giant Slayer and 300 sequel, rest don’t look too promising to me. First two movies are pretty much done and 300 is filming.  Which opens up a space to start working on new projects that can produce sequels, cuz like I said – sequels make money. If you look the movies lately, half of them are sequels.

Now my speculation is that they will see how the Mass Effect 3 game goes on (they bought the rights for the movie) and go with Mass Effect or Warcraft movie, cuz both franchise can produce many sequels. I really really hope they go with Warcraft cuz if that movie doesn’t start production this year, im not sure we will see it in near future. Glimmer of hope for WoW movie is that on similar site to IMDB but little more professional – The Grid, few days ago the project was updated after longer period of time….so lets hope 🙂

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