WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


BlizzCon 2014 News


This years BlizzCon has started and some interesting news are coming on the opening ceremony about everything Blizzard. They actually announced the new game world after 17 years, team base action shooter called Overwatch and it’s coming rather fast then usual for Blizzard games. As for the movie, the panel is still 2 hours away, but they did introduced offical movie websites. Yep, there is not one, but two 🙂

Now I don’t know hou offical those two site will be or they are just a good marketing plan to slowly build up things and maybe there will introduce one main site later. If not, then you always have this site to check things out in one place 😉

fight-for-the-alliance fight-for-the-horde
After watching whole panel, it took me a while to wash off the disappointment and finish this post. What can I say, lots of talking how everything looks cool but not enough to prove it. I assume you guessed that there was no trailer…..again. This is becoming really annoying since on last two ComicCons there was some teaser videos for the audience only and now they pulled the same crap for BlizzCon. Yes, it seems there was a teaser trailer for the BlizzCon visitors only and I really hope that that videos won’t stay hidden and Blizzard will release them after BlizzCon for everyone to see. I mean, if they didn’t moved the release date to early 2016 due to Star Wars, the movie would be out in about one year. So by now I would assume they have at least 30 second of done footage to make a decent teaser trailer. But moving on to other stuff they actually did showed on the panel.

They put bunch of images of cast and two wallpapers. Well that’s about it 🙂

horde-wallpaperalliance-wallpaperlothar-travis-fimmeldurotan-toby-kebbellmedivh-ben-fosterorgrim-rob-kazinsky khadgar-ben-schnetzer garona-paula-patton blackhand-clancy-brown king-llane-dominic-cooper orgrim-doomhammer

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