WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


Box-Office Analysis of Warcraft movie


So far with 433 milion at the Box Office, Warcraft movie prolly will lose some money but with so many investors they will share the loss also, there is sill VOD, BR & DVDs. So still ways to swim out with some profit. Unfortuantely, I we won’t see that Director’s Cut since Duncan Jones on this Twitter said “For those asking, no extended cut, that Im aware of. Lots of extra scenes on DVD though. There will be no directors cut. Just not possible.”

Those 40 extra minutes have a lot of CGI undone and that costs money, so we will prolly just get deleted scenes that were already done. As for the sequel, I don’t fear for it. It will for sure be cheaper, but with all CGI models and technology done, that won’t influence the quality with lower budget, IMO. There is an audience for sure, maybe not US/CA, but there is around the world. They just need to fix the little things they messed up in the first one and sequel here we come. 🙂

The Hollywood Reporter did some BO analysis – check here for full article

Legendary Pictures and Universal’s Warcraft easily is the most lopsided Hollywood release in modern times.

As it winds down its global run, fully 89 percent of its $430.1 million global gross to date has come from international. And more than half of all revenue ($220.8 million) came from China after the film bombed in the U.S. with $46.6 million.

“Warcraft is a strange box-office beast and unlike anything the industry has seen,” says analyst Jeff Bock. “If China didn’t end up grossing what it did, this would have been an utter failure. Now it’s only a mild concussion. In fact, sequels have been OK’d with less — just look at Legendary’s Pacific Rim.”

Those close to the $160 million-budgeted video game adaptation say the loss will be only about $15 million. But any deficit stings, because Warcraft is the first movie Thomas Tull’s Legendary has released since the company was bought early this year by China’s Dalian Wanda Group for a reported $3.5 billion. However, the losses could have been far worse.

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