WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


ComicCon 2013 short video about Warcraft movie

divider-postAt this point you probably heard there was a mood teaser for Warcraft movie at Comic Con, but it was short and it seems forbidden to record. Only video that kind off appeared was this one where Thomas Tull & Duncan Jones give a brief info about the movie.

As for the footage everyone wants to see, no video just many descriptions from people who were at the Comic Con Legendary panel. There are different interpretations of what people saw but basicaly it’s something like this…

Human warrior dressed like Mad Max is walking through desert with a sword on his back that has a dragon overlapping the blade and the hilt. The sky is kinda greenish color so some say it was Hellfire, some say it was Durotar. I lean toward the Hellfire. He drinks some water and in the mist in front of him he hears someone coming. On the ground there are remains of long dead soldier and warrior grabs the shield from the ground with a lion on it and dust it off. He draws the sword from his back and slams it with the shield like a taunting call. From the other side there’s a big green orc with a hammer in his hands. Two of them start to charge at each other and orc swings with the hammer first jumps up and brings the hammer down and Warcraft name shhows up.

Some say it was live action, someone say it was very good CGI (which doesn’t mean movie will be CGI), but I haven’t see it so I can’t say anything except that it was made as a mood teaser and I like the mood they are going with the movie 🙂


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