WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


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It’s more like contact me, not us, but us sounds like an organized team of people…..and that guy up there is not me, that’s Walter……say Hi to Walter, he takes care of any problems 😉

Igor HrenovacMy name is Igor and I have been running this site for a long time, about 7 years waiting and waiting but not giving up on Warcraft movie project. Over last few years I have been working on many movie sites I created while I was waiting for this one to start. Now I got bored of all those and will focus only on a handful with Warcraft as the flagship, ofc hoping it won’t flunk at the Box Office and it will become a franchise 🙂

So in short, movie addict, web designer, daily dose of fresh news junky and lately, an aspiring writer (maybe in couple of years I manage to finish the book I’m writing) and than become just a writer 😉

You can contact me at – movie.forums101@gmail.com