WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


Duncan Jones interview with Mtime on Daniel Wu and Warcraft movie


Chinese movie news site Mtime got Duncan Jones to talk about Warcraft movie and actor Daniel Wu. We need to thank Manmademovies.co.uk for posting translation of the interview 🙂
There is no surprise really that Chinese press got interested in the Warcraft movie. First, Daniel Wu is a big star over there even though in Warcraft he plays Gul’dan and he won’t look very human but still he is a famous name. Second, Warcraft games are pretty popular in China, a big chunk of WoW player base is from there.Third and also important one, Legendary Pictures have their sister company in China. Overall, China is very important market for Warcraft movie and that’s why there is no surprise that one of rare Duncan Jones interview about Warcraft lands on Chinese news site. They are huge fanbase 🙂

On Warcraft current progress…

We are coming to the very end of 2014, and the film has been shot and we are finishing the editing. There are so many complicated special effects in the movie, that it will take a while longer before the film will be complete. The special effects will be very impressive though. They are being done by ILM, who are best known for their work on the Star Wars movies. Heading up the work are visual effects supervisor Bill Westenhoffer, who won an oscar for his work with Ang Lee on Life of Pi, and Jeff White at ILM, who made the Hulk such an excellent and believable character in the Avengers movie. While this work is going on, music composer Ramin Djawadi continues to build up a magnificent score for the film. As we complete our edit, Ramin’s music is being tailored to the cut. I am very excited. Day by day our film gets closer to being finished! Warcraft is scheduled to be released in March of 2016, so we have 14 months to make the film as good as we can! I very much hope you will enjoy it.

On Daniel Wu performance in the movie…

Daniel is a handsome man in ANY part of the world! I am fortunate I married my wife before she had a chance to meet him, or maybe she would have tried to marry him! He is not just good looking though. He is incredibly talented and hard working.The funny thing is I knew of Daniel long before Warcraft. He and I had heard about each other through a mutual friend. When we had a chance to work together, it was almost like we already knew each other! He is a great guy, and a very talented actor.
In all of my films, I try to do two things; cast the strongest actors I can find for the part, and offer each actor something new, something they have not had the chance to do before, in a role that excites them. I was very fortunate that Daniel loved the crazy idea I had for him! He plays the handsome lead so much, that for him, this was something very different!
Daniel has definitely put his own stamp on the character… and that is how it should be. You don’t hire great actors to crush their individuality by forcing them into a mould you have in mind! You find a way to blend the character and the man, and get a performance that is rooted in something that is honest to them.
But of course, there is a lot of expectation for Warcraft, and an audience that has strong ideas on who and what the characters should be. This is a good challenge, and one I know Daniel was excited to take up! He had one very important fan of the game to impress; his wife! She has played Warcraft for a long time, and was very serious that he get Gul’dan just right!
Daniel, like everyone involved, invested all his energy in creating a unique but recognizable character the audience will believe in! He is everything you could hope for in a serious actor.

Since Daniel Wu will be Gul’dan, he will look kinda different…

I understand the concern! …and I am very aware of how cynical the film business can be in this area! But please do not worry. Gul’dan is a central character, who is pivotal to the film’s story! You will see a lot of him, but… you will not see Daniel Wu in the way you expect! 😉

Duncan favourite character and his thoughts about the conflict…

As you may know, there has been a long history of trying to make a Warcraft film, and for a number of reasons, it never quite happened. I was lucky. When I went to talk to Chris Metzen and the guys at Blizzard, we both saw things the same way. A Warcraft film should not be about a good race of humans battling an evil race of orcs! Warcraft should be about heroes on both sides trying to avoid a conflict, when villains leave them no choice.
As for favourites, I cannot do that! I am like a parent now! They are all wonderful in their own ways. I hope that with our film, the audience will get a chance to see past the Horde/Alliance divide and recognize the heroes on BOTH sides!
…but if pushed, and you want to know one of my favourite characters, Durotan is very special to me. 😉

Since the lore is pretty big, is there gonna be more then one movie…

Peter Jackson did a magnificent job of “setting the table” for Tolkein’s universe with his first Lore of the Rings film. I know that my job in this first film is to establish certain characters, places and culture while telling a story that a broad audience can be excited by!
Hopefully, if I have done my job right, people will want to know and see more! There is certainly plenty more to tell! …I would love to be part of that process of expanding on the lore that makes up Warcraft, but it will all depend on what you, the audience, think of our first film!
From the moment I first talked to Blizzard, the plan was to start our film with the first time Orcs met Humans. First contact! I think that for a world with so much newness to explain, this was a wise choice, especially when so many people in our audience may not know anything about Warcraft… it was important that some of our characters would be seeing the world fresh as well, and that the audience could see the situation through their eyes.

Warcraft movie and World of Warcraft game connection…

It would be wonderful if there could be that kind of cross-platform excitement happening when the film is released. I know there are many ideas, but at this stage, it may be a little too early to know what will happen! Blizzard are very good at what they do though, and what I do know, is that they are very proud of the film! I’m sure there will be exciting things that happen closer to the film coming out.

Any new characters introduced in the movie…

You will have to wait and see!
Our story takes place at a very particular moment in the lore time-line. There are some new characters, and some that already existed, but who may not be that well known.
There will be a great deal to think about, for those who are deeply knowledgable about the Warcraft lore.

Last question about role of Gul’dan, Lothar and Doomhammer…

Again, these are questions best answered by watching the film! Hopefully, I will be able to come to China when the film is released, and you can ask me questions in person!

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