WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


Duncan Jones wants to direct Warcraft Movie

divider-postIf you’re going to make a film of a game it’s got to be about the essence of why you, the audience, care what’s going on. There are certain games where that will work, and there are certain games where it doesn’t.”

And that right project? “I’m hugely jealous of Sam Raimi,” Jones told me. “I really believeWorld of Warcraft could be the launch of computer games as good films. And from the little I’ve read of interviews with him the way he’s approaching it makes so much sense. It’s what I was talking about – it’s not worrying about how the game plays, it’s about creating the world of the game and investing the audience in that world.”

The good news for Duncan is that Sam Raimi looks to have put World of Warcraft on the back burner for The Great and Mighty Oz; maybe now is the time when Jones can jump in and gets his mitts on Azeroth? I would certainly be happy to see what a real game nerd like Jones would do with that world. At least you know he wouldn’t make a movie about grinding.

As for what games Jones plays? He’s a PC gamer mostly, although he also has a PS3 and a Wii. As you can tell from his love of Warcraft he’s a bit of a Blizzard partisan. “I love everything Blizzard is doing. I can’t wait for Diablo 3. I played through Starcraft 2. I’ve been playing a lot of Call of Duty: Black Ops lately. I used to be involved with a clan back in Britain for Call of Duty.”

Source – badassdigest.com

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