WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


Duncan Jones’s group interview from SDCC


A group of reporters from various websites had a group interview with Duncan Jones at SDCC at Legendary panel and crew from Den of Geeks kinda put the most interesting answers in one place. First thing that pops out about Jones is he’s real deal about the Warcraft. Somehow I think that at this moment there is not a director in Hollywood that fits better to tell the Warcraft story good for the movie.

duncan-jones“I’ve been playing back since Orcs and Humans, back in the real time strategy days,” he said. “I actually used to play Lost Vikings, which was a game that Blizzard made even before that.”

On question about how possible is that Warcraft movie will be that movie that will break the curse of videogame movies.

“I don’t know if there’s a curse to break, but I feel we’ve made a great film. I have an amazing cast. I have WETA who have built these stunning props for the film, the weapons and the armor. Gavin Bocquet was our production designer and he made these extraordinary sets up in Vancouver where we were shooting. We had these huge environments to shoot in, and then we have the motion capture performances where ILM have delivered, I think, their best work ever [in motion capture].”

About how will the non gamers react to the Warcraft movie, since a lot of general problems of this type of movies is that general audience was not usually targeted audiance.

“Right from the start,” Jones said, “it was absolutely imperative that we came up with a story that stood on its own, and brought an audience who didn’t know about Warcraft along with it. Not everyone who saw the first Lord of the Rings movie had read Tolkien, but Peter Jackson did a wonderful job bringing the audience along to get them involved in that universe.”

What can Warcraft fans expect in the movie and how are the characters potraited and to watch out for Orgrim Doomhammer played by mocap Rob Kazinsky, who is also a WoW veteran.

“My big pitch to Blizzard when I became involved with this was that I want to make a war movie and I want to tell it from both sides. I want heroes on both sides, and I want you to empathize with both sides. The heroes from both sides are going to find themselves in a conflict that there is no way out of…There are contingents of heroes on both sides that the audience will absolutely be rooting for, and I think there will be divided loyalties, and I think individuals will be divided about who they feel they should be rooting for. There’s certainly a Horde side and an Alliance side, and that is integral to what makes Warcraft what it is.”

“I think it’s his best work. It was his first experience doing motion capture, and he really took to it and expressed himself and went to town. It’s an interesting thing about motion capture, you’re wearing what are basically silver pajamas, and you have these silver markers all over you and you can either get incredibly self conscious, where you don’t do anything, or you can say I look fucking ridiculous and I’m just going to go for it. Rob went for it and it pays off. That character is one of the most charismatic in the movie.”

What about sequels and if he would like to helm another one or maybe two.

“I would,” Jones said. “I personally worked very closely with Chris Metzen. We worked out that if we did get a chance to do three films to tell the story, this would be the first piece and we kind of have an idea of what we would do with 2 and 3. I want to be the guy to deliver that.”

Final words about the movie…

“The film is done,” he said, “it’s just waiting for those shots to be dropped into place. We have our score done. Everything is kind of done. It will be ready to go out in June of next year…I feel like we’ve got something that’s worth waiting for.”

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