WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


Few Warcraft movie images


From empireonline.com to mmo-champion.com comes these 3 Warcraft movie images. I hope Empire will give us better quality for 2 of the images in their online edition, but at this moment only Durotan is not blurry. Despite quick split between fans about Durotan looks, my opinion is – awesome. Yeah he does have human eyes, but since whole movie premise is about “nobody is evil”, then Warcraft movie orcs need to have that more human touch to appeal to larger audiance. Somehow I have a feeling that biggest problem with this movie might be the Orcs and what Lord of the Rings trilogy put into audience mind about orcs, cause Warcraft orcs and LOTR orcs have only name in common. Hopefully trailer to come (Duncan Jones said November) will maybe start to change that “pure evil” opinion about the orcs that LOTR movies set.

warcraft-movie-image-durotan1 warcraft-movie-image-lothar1 warcraft-movie-image-orgrim1

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