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Legendary signs new screenwriter for WoW movie

warcraft-movie-news4Sam Raimi may no longer be helming “World of Warcraft,” but Legendary Entertainment is still eager to get the film adaptation of Blizzard Entertainment’s hit videogame up on the bigscreen, with “The Seventh Son”- scribe Charles Leavitt penning the latest script.

Legendary is said to have sparked to Leavitt’s take on the fantasy tale, which could move the project forward in the coming months, including a search for a another director.

Leavitt already has a relationship with Legendary, having penned another of the company’s fantasy pics, “The Seventh Son,” that stars Jeff Bridges, Ben Barnes and Julianne Moore.Warner Bros. will distrib the pic Oct. 18, 2013. His credits include “Blood Diamond,” “The Mighty” and “K-PAX.”

While Activision Blizzard – chief Bobby Kotick has held off on brokering film deals for his company’s games, he told Variety if it’s “important to Blizzard, it’s important to me. They’re very excited about having a ‘World of Warcraft‘ film. They’ve been very careful and thoughtful about the development process.”

While it is awesome news that Legendary finally moved WoW movie project from the spot, I highly doubt that Leavitt will write a new script because that would delayed the movie for months again. He is more likely to rewrite the current script drafts and polish it for production and in that time they will look for new director also.

Source – variety.com

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