WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


Nothing new on the movie after BlizzCon 2011

warcraft-movie-news6So, one more BlizzCon is behind us but this one was different. Usually they would atleast say something like – we are working on it (movie), but this time nothing, not a word about the movie production.

They announced the new expnasion for WoW – Mists of Pandaria, but also introduced interesting offer – if you sign for 12 month subscription for WoW you get Diablo 3 (digital version) for free, pretty cool mount and sure spot for MoT beta testing. Its good offer for ppl who will play WoW anyway and wanna get Diablo 3, like me ie. 🙂

What made Blizzard to make such a deal, I would say a few game competitors that will be out in next 6 months. How to keep ppl on paying list so they dont put their accounts on hold for few months while they try out new games – simple, give them free Diablo 3. Even those who would play only Diablo 3 would prolly stop WoW for sometime, but this way you get D3 for free and Blizzard gets 12 months of sure subscription money. Its a brilliant move, I can give them that.

Its pretty obvious that WoW is declining, I am a big fan of Warcraft universe and play WoW for 6-7 years, but the new expansion announce didnt really make any emotional response from me, I was just – yeah, whatever. I will buy it even thou from the first look doesnt look too much promising, but time has its toll on WoW and now they are pissing off fans with no new info about movie.

They are teasing ppl with movie for like 4 years now, I think its time they start working on it cuz they will miss the peak of the WoW interest among the players. I’m running a WoW movie fansite and I’m losing interest ffs 😛

Ahh, just my two cents….

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