WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


Travis Fimmel joining the Warcraft cast?

Travis Fimmel was mentioned before in the possible cast rumors few weeks ago and it seems he is close to join the Warcraft cast. Variety reports from their source that after a lengthy search, Legendary Pictures has found one of its leading men.

No formal offer has been presented yet but sources (usually means actors agent) say he is their guy for one of the four leads in the movie. Travis Fimmel currently is the star of History Channel’s “Vikings”, which is at this moment in production for season two. What character or plot Fimmel will play are still unknown.

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BlizzCon 2013 & Warcraft Movie

divider-postblizzcon2013-warcraft-moviedivider-postBlizzard has made schedule for the upcoming BlizzCon in November. After so many past Blizzcons where we maybe heard a sentence or two about movie or sometimes not even that, now there is a panel made just for the movie. Seems perfectly logical in terms of Blizzard comprehension of time. The time for panel is set on second day of convention on Saturday, 9th November 1-2 pm time. If anyone from the readers is going, I of course expect some images 😉

Announcement states –  “Please join the Warcraft movie director, Duncan Jones, along with key Blizzard developers as they discuss the thrilling collaborative process of translating Azeroth’s game world to the big screen.”

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Warcraft movie release date set

divider-postDecember 18, 2015 is the date we wanted to hear for a loooong time 🙂
warcraft-movie-release-dateThis is actually pretty good release date. Since Hobbit Trilogy is finishing in 2014 and mid December was always set for LOTR and Hobbit, now Warcraft is taking over with similar movie thematic. Plus it’s good to skip 2015 summer since there will be dozen of high profile blockbusters.

Rumors about casting

divider-postDeadline brought exclusive information about the casting rumors from their source. Over few days some name popped out. First two that came were Colin Farrell and Paula Patton. Farrell was offered a lead role but the source said there is 50/50 chance he will take it. As for Paula, she is negotiating for lead female role and Duncun Jones is testing other names for the major roles.

There is a short list of actors for the other lead roles – Paul Dano from the Prisoners that plays in cinemas now, Travis Fimmel from the History Channel’s Vikings, Anson Mount from the AMC’s Hell on Wheels and Anton Yelchin from current Star Trek franchise.

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Filming date set

divider-postwarcraft-movie-news2divider-postOn BlizzCon 2006 everything started, but on Comic Con 2013 everything started for real. They really took their time with this movie project. After that teaser mood trailer that only a handful of people seen and announcement that shooting starts in early 2014 it was finally made official.

Production Weekly posted on their Twitter that Legendary Pictures has setup offices at Canadian Movie Pictures Park (CMPP) Studio in Vancouver and they are getting ready for Warcraft movie shooting starting on January 13th.

Also in recent split between Legendary and Warner Bros. like in any marriage they divided the properties. Some of the latest “almost done with production” movies that also had WB in financial connection will still be done together, but some properties that Legendary financed mostly by themselves WB gave up on them and that includes movies like Seventh Son, Mass Effect and Warcraft.

New partner Universal Pictures gladly took those under their wing as new distributors. Now in next months I hope we will start getting more concrete news about the project like official confirmation on castings and maybe a story hints, cuz January 13th is just around the corner 🙂

Maybe I should hurry up with the new website I’ve been working on last 2 weeks…

ComicCon 2013 short video about Warcraft movie

divider-postAt this point you probably heard there was a mood teaser for Warcraft movie at Comic Con, but it was short and it seems forbidden to record. Only video that kind off appeared was this one where Thomas Tull & Duncan Jones give a brief info about the movie.

As for the footage everyone wants to see, no video just many descriptions from people who were at the Comic Con Legendary panel. There are different interpretations of what people saw but basicaly it’s something like this…

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Legendary Pictures & Thomas Tull at press roundtables

divider-postwarcraft-movie-news1divider-postio9.com asked him one question about Warcraft Movie: “How do you make a video game movie that doesn’t suck?” He responded:

“You start with that exact question… I think, as a gamer myself, a lot of times what has happened in the past is, studios have said, ‘How many people play that game? Okay, then that means they’ll probably all go and buy tickets.’ That is an incredibly poor way to make a movie.

So for us, it’s [like], We don’t know how to make a movie out of Warcraft, the video game. [Instead], it’s the incredible story, and the war, and these races, and everything these guys at Blizzard [Entertainment] have come up with. They have 100 books, and just this incredibly rich world that they’ve created.

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