WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


Leaked Blizzard Production Calendar & Warcraft Movie

divider-postSo, for few days around the Blizzard related sites there has been Blizzard Slate picture poping up. Some say its inner company date projection from some meeting and since its about 8 months old you can check this years dates. And both Starcraft and Cataclysm hit on the same quarters of year the slate is saying. Ofc, slate is not offical document so we can just speculate is it true or not, but is surely looks good.

Why am I talk about it? Well, something called WoW Movie is on the list also, so click on the pic and you can see when they are aiming with it 🙂


BlizzCon 2010 and Warcraft Movie

divider-postOk, BlizzCon 2010 passed and I just wanted to give some info about the Warcraft movie that was mentioned there. Don’t worry, it wasn’t nothing fancy 🙂

The Warcraft movie’s story is pretty much nailed down, and director Sam Raimi is just waiting on a green light.

That said, I think he will get a green light when he finish the Wizard of OZ project he recently got connected to. OZ will start shooting next year about spring time there was word going around so I guess around next BlizzCon…..lots of guessing with Warcraft movie 😉

WoW: Cataclysm – Cinematic Trailer

cataclysmWith the recent news about World of Warcraft movie going on ice for a while and waiting for maybe some Blizzcon 2010 news on the development (even thou I doubt there will be some) I give you some “fire” 😉

Warcraft movie put aside?

divider-postSam Raimi had a few decisions to make this year, thanks to a Spider-Man movie franchise reboot that raised questions about whether or not his “WarCraft” movie would become his new priority. It looks like Disney’s “Oz: The Great and Powerful” won out in the end, however, meaning “WarCraft” won’t be getting his full attention in the new year.

Raimi committed to doing “Oz” next and starting production sometime in 2011, according to a Deadline report. Oddly enough, Raimi hooked up with the new movie after Guillermo del Toro declined to direct it. Meanwhile, del Toro has been looking for new video game projects to work on rather than leaving old ones behind.

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Warcraft must wait for Oz

warcraft-movie-news2Sam Raimi has left the Daily Bugle, and the road before him has offered several different paths — including one that is made up of yellow brick. And now it looks like the director has chosen which direction he’ll be heading in.

Last week word came that Raimi was in talks to take on Oz: The Great and Powerful, the Wizard of Oz prequel that’s happening at Disney — and this despite his also being signed to direct the World of Warcraft game adaption for Legendary Pictures. Well, it looks like the latter is going to have to wait a while longer, for Deadline has confirmed that Raimi signed on the dotted line last night to make the 3D Oz.

The hope, of course, for Disney is that this picture will result in an Alice in Wonderland-like success. Which is possible, one supposes, especially considering that Robert Downey Jr. is circling the project (though he’s not confirmed as of yet). He’d play the title character, no doubt with a twinkle in his eye (and Dorothy in the backseat of his circus caravan, perhaps?).

Source – uk.movies.ign.com