WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


Official Warcraft movie trailer coming in November


I assume after huge fans pressure about the offical Warcraft movie trailer, Duncan Jones had to post a tweet that it will come in November. I guess during BlizzCon since that fits the time.

warcraft-trailer-in-novemberThere is something that pisses me off on this two pictures down. Bunch of ppl taking pics of the character posters and they only make two of them public in good quality. Now instead of good one, we have crappy quality taken from a side and I hope they will post all the posters before those taken by fans at the panel become viral.

warcraft-character-posters-panel1 warcraft-character-posters-panel2

Warcraft movie & SDCC 2015 recap


It’s hard to recap event when you were not there so I will just use the meshup of recaps from io9, geektyrant and ComingSoon

  • Durotan says “Our planet is dying, we need food and water.” A group of orcs sit around the fire and talk about how they believe in the orc warlock Gul’dan (Daniel Wu), and will follow his lead.
  • Next Durotan and his wife, Draka, are laying on the ground of their hut. The wife has chosen a name for their child, but the father says “I’ll choose a name when I meet him.” She then reveals it’s a son and he’s very excited.
  • We see the aforementioned Gul’dan on a massive cliff with the Dark Portal from the games behind him. “Dead, alive, dead, alive,” he slowly chants. He reveals that a thousand soldiers need a thousand slaves – prisoners, not corpses – as fuel for the Fel
  • Montage of shots of the Alliance characters walking in on and around Stormwind, before we go back to the orcs, “We are not powerful enough to defeat them” one says to the other. “We could be,” the other responds.
  • King Llane Wrynn says “They’re beasts, they should be destroyed. If we do not unite to fight this enemy, we shall perish.”
  • There’s a shot reminiscent of Braveheart where the Alliance is running from the left side of the frame, it pans right and the orcs are running, and the smash into each other in the middle. That’s followed by a shot of a guy jumping off a cliff and jumping onto a Gryphon.
  • Warcraft definitely looks like it’s CG and green screen. These are not real sets.
  • Think a dirtier, dustier, more muted Avatar.
  • I think many fans are going to complain that it looks to fake but, come on, how else could this get pulled off?
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Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood graphic novel


There will be a prequel graphic novel to the Warcraft movie story called “Bonds of Brotherhood” and it will be written by Christie Golden it seems. No info on the who will do the graphics part yet, but the novel will be released in May, 2016. It’s not yet possible to pre-oreder it.

warcraft-graphic-novel-bonds-of-brotherhood warcraft-graphic-novel-bonds-of-brotherhood1

Legendary released VR teaser & SDCC panel pictures

Things are heating up for this weekend Comic Con. Legendary released a Virtual Reality teaser of the Stormwind while you fly over it on the back of a gryphon. And I must say it does look kinda bigger than I remember it from my flying over’s 🙂

Here are some images from the Stormwind VR, images are little blurry but so was the whole YT video cuz it wasn’t made for it. For those who didn’t manage to check the video, this is the best I can. Kudos to mmo-champion.com for keeping some footage 🙂

warcraft-movie-stormwind-VR-1 warcraft-movie-stormwind-VR-2 warcraft-movie-stormwind-VR-3 warcraft-movie-stormwind-VR-4 warcraft-movie-stormwind-VR-5 warcraft-movie-stormwind-VR-6

Also they put a bunch of Legendary panel pictures with statues of Alliance soldiers (I might be some are big name, but hard to tell) and Orgrim Doomhammer (that was easy to tell). Seems they really are preparing for a big Warcraft event this time. Ofc, the recording will not be allowed as usual, but at least I hope they will share the trailer with rest of us shortly cuz I’m sick of those “comic con exclusive” bullshit we get last few years.

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Things about Warcraft movie from Duncan Jones

divider-postwarcraft-movie-news18divider-postFolks from Wired.com checked with Warcraft movie director Duncan Jones and this is what they learned about current status of the production. The visual effects are pretty much done it seems, only 50 left from more then 1000.

“It’s been an incredibly ambitious thing,” Jones says. “I think we’ve delivered something pretty special. We’ve delivered as far as the film goes, but the challenge is going to be to get people into the seats in the cinemas in the first place, to find a way to convince people who haven’t played Warcraft.”

When the movie idea first came into the picture, which is kinda long time ago if you think about it, everyone was freaking out about CGI orcs and how that will look like. Well, since 2006. the visual effects got a lot better I guess, so even though the story is set into the origin story of the first Human and Orcs encounter and there will be a lot of Orcs. But as wee seen on the first CGI look at Orgrim Doomhammer, I’m not worried. ILM did an awesome job. Also it seems that it was not all about CGI since there were some pretty large set made for some scenes.

“Motion capture has become very specialized but also still just a tool of filmmaking,” Jones says. “We tried to do a lot of large, in-camera sets so that we had an actual reality that the film was built on top of. Some of the time we had [actors doing motion capture] on location, some of the time we had them on set, sometimes there was green screen.”

Motion capture was done under supervision of Bill Westenhofer, two time Oscar winner and Jeff White and Jason Smith from ILM. White was working previously on the design of Hulk in Avengers, so design of Orcs was inspired by the Hulk.

“He absolutely nailed that character, and orcs feel like they may have some of the same genetic background as the Hulk,” Jones says. That wasn’t the only thing that made White well-suited to the job. “When we found out that Jeff himself was actually an avid Warcraft player as well, it became clear how excited he was about playing in this universe,” Jones adds. “It was a match made in heaven.”

It seems that ILM wanted to push the border with Warcraft project and their work on the VFX to show they are still the top dog in the playfield.

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