WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


First look at Orgrim Doomhammer

Blending actor Rob Kazinsky and fictional character of Orgrim Doomhammer into one person, crew from Industrial Light and Magic which brought us the Hulk in Avengers prolly pushed the limits of CGI again. Most of fans were sceptical how a heavy CGI Warcraft movie will look, but looking at the first still image of Orgrim Doomhammer from the Warcraft movie, I would say that we don’t have to worry about that anymore cuz it looks freaking awesome 🙂


Warcraft movie release date pushed again


I don’t know if I should be surprised by this news or kind off used to it already after so many years of production. One thing I am for sure now is dissapointed. They moved from December 2015 due to overlaping with new Star Wars movie and that actually made sense. Nobody wants to go head to head with such a juggernaut like new Star Wars movie. So they movied in March, perfect time for a fresh still to prove itself franchise. The fanbase for Warcraft is huge, but that’s not the main targeted audiance and this is still a game to movie project which is still conidered a risky deal. March 11, 2016 would be perfect premiere date, two weeks before Batman v. Superman, it would simple rule the box office.

But I guess Universal had a different idea. They did a reshuffle of their movie premiere dates and realized that Warcraft movie is summer blockbuster, which I absolutley agree with, except it still needs to prove itself. So they moved the Warcraft movie release date about three months ahead to June 10, 2016. Now even that date is still not high competition to go against. On a same week they will go against The Conjuring 2 (kind off not the same audiance target) and Uncharted which is kind off a same targeted audiance since it also a game to movie project which is an Indiana Jones style story and for sure I’m interested despite the fact I didn’t play the game, but heard a lot of good things about it.

A week before there is TMNT 2, which in my opinion doesn’t stand a chance against Warcraft and Uncharted combo and than for two weeks it’s pretty much easy ride until Independence Day 2, Transformers 5 and The Mummy reboot hits the movie theaters.

Is June 10th a bad date for Warcraft? I don’t think so, but to wait another 3 months….well, that pisses me off. They better show some teaser trailer even a year ahead just to say sorry for the extra 3 months we need to wait….again.

Travis Fimmel talks about Warcraft movie

divider-postwarcraft movie travis fimmeldivider-postHow do you feel all of the action and fighting from Vikings helped prepare you forWarcraft?

It certainly helps. It’s very different. Warcraft is very motion capture-oriented and special effects-orientated and we wear costumes that I couldn’t get through a door with all the armor. You can’t lift your arms above your head with that on, but Vikings is a bit more natural with the fighting.

Were you aware of the whole Warcraft phenomenon before you stepped into the role of Anduin Lothar?

No, I wasn’t at all. It’s amazing how many people play the game. I saw all the visuals. The movie is so close to Warcraft. They really kept it true to the game and you get a pretty good sense of the game just from what we’re doing on set.

Did you ever go back to try to play the game after being in the movie?

No, to be honest, I haven’t. I’ve never been much of a gamer.

Full interview with Travis Fimmel about his other projects on craveonline.com

So what’s going on with Warcraft movie

divider-postwarcraft-movie-news16divider-postIt’s be a while when something solid and fresh was said about the Warcraft movie, except the fact its in a long post-production period (read – a lot of CGI). That’s not necessary a bad thing, despite the fact movie was planned to go live in December this year, but then a higher Force (see what did here :P) intertwined and it’s been moved to March next year. So movie is still a year ahead and many people ask me, why there is no trailer yet when on last BlizzCon folks had a chance to see some kind of a trailer. And they also said it was freaking good…

But even though I would really like to see at least a teaser trailer, I understand why not go with a trailer a year before the premiere. My thought on the trailer philosophy is Teaser +3 (First, Extended, Featurette) and put all that in 8-6 months period. If you start to early you start to put out too many to keep people interested, and too many usually means by the last one you have seen 15-20 minutes of the movie since you need to include some new scenes that were not in last trailers, etc. So before summer, I don’t think there will be oficial trailer for the Warcraft movie….and I might be wrong about that, but that’s my five cent 😉

Also if you don’t follow Duncan Jones on Twitter, give it a try. He is pretty active there and often chats about Warcraft things, movie included. I don’t post everytime he says something, but there are interesting twitter conversation going on.

“So let’s chat. I’ve got a movie coming out next year; Warcraft. It’s based on a computer game of the same name but it’s pretty unique. We’re trying to work out how best to let people who don’t play the game know that this is a film they’ll genuinely want to see. You know as well as I do, game to film adaptations have a checkered past, but I’m proud of this beast. It’s unique. It’s something special.”

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Duncan Jones interview with Mtime on Daniel Wu and Warcraft movie


Chinese movie news site Mtime got Duncan Jones to talk about Warcraft movie and actor Daniel Wu. We need to thank Manmademovies.co.uk for posting translation of the interview 🙂
There is no surprise really that Chinese press got interested in the Warcraft movie. First, Daniel Wu is a big star over there even though in Warcraft he plays Gul’dan and he won’t look very human but still he is a famous name. Second, Warcraft games are pretty popular in China, a big chunk of WoW player base is from there.Third and also important one, Legendary Pictures have their sister company in China. Overall, China is very important market for Warcraft movie and that’s why there is no surprise that one of rare Duncan Jones interview about Warcraft lands on Chinese news site. They are huge fanbase 🙂

On Warcraft current progress…

We are coming to the very end of 2014, and the film has been shot and we are finishing the editing. There are so many complicated special effects in the movie, that it will take a while longer before the film will be complete. The special effects will be very impressive though. They are being done by ILM, who are best known for their work on the Star Wars movies. Heading up the work are visual effects supervisor Bill Westenhoffer, who won an oscar for his work with Ang Lee on Life of Pi, and Jeff White at ILM, who made the Hulk such an excellent and believable character in the Avengers movie. While this work is going on, music composer Ramin Djawadi continues to build up a magnificent score for the film. As we complete our edit, Ramin’s music is being tailored to the cut. I am very excited. Day by day our film gets closer to being finished! Warcraft is scheduled to be released in March of 2016, so we have 14 months to make the film as good as we can! I very much hope you will enjoy it.

On Daniel Wu performance in the movie…

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Warcraft Movie posters


In all those images from BlizzCon, there actually gave two teaser Warcraft movie posters. Since I posted the wallpapers in one of the last posts and they look pretty much the same as teaser posters, it kinda slipped away. So now when it’s a dry season again with the news and I just found them in my images folder….lets show them 😉

warcraft-alliance-movie-poster2 warcraft-horde-movie-poster2