WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


So what’s going on with Warcraft movie

divider-postwarcraft-movie-news16divider-postIt’s be a while when something solid and fresh was said about the Warcraft movie, except the fact its in a long post-production period (read – a lot of CGI). That’s not necessary a bad thing, despite the fact movie was planned to go live in December this year, but then a higher Force (see what did here :P) intertwined and it’s been moved to March next year. So movie is still a year ahead and many people ask me, why there is no trailer yet when on last BlizzCon folks had a chance to see some kind of a trailer. And they also said it was freaking good…

But even though I would really like to see at least a teaser trailer, I understand why not go with a trailer a year before the premiere. My thought on the trailer philosophy is Teaser +3 (First, Extended, Featurette) and put all that in 8-6 months period. If you start to early you start to put out too many to keep people interested, and too many usually means by the last one you have seen 15-20 minutes of the movie since you need to include some new scenes that were not in last trailers, etc. So before summer, I don’t think there will be oficial trailer for the Warcraft movie….and I might be wrong about that, but that’s my five cent 😉

Also if you don’t follow Duncan Jones on Twitter, give it a try. He is pretty active there and often chats about Warcraft things, movie included. I don’t post everytime he says something, but there are interesting twitter conversation going on.

“So let’s chat. I’ve got a movie coming out next year; Warcraft. It’s based on a computer game of the same name but it’s pretty unique. We’re trying to work out how best to let people who don’t play the game know that this is a film they’ll genuinely want to see. You know as well as I do, game to film adaptations have a checkered past, but I’m proud of this beast. It’s unique. It’s something special.”

He asked fans to give their opinion about the best way to market the movie since there is still a lot of scepticism floating around “games to movie”. There were some good suggestions like two different trailers, from each side of the conflict.

I think it would be great to do some live action marketing and put Alliance human soldier and Horde orc warrior on the streets of ie. New York and London. Like Alliance soldier in full costume and make up riding a horse in New York together with the NY police horse patrol, you know just keeping the order. Also imagine a Horde warrior riding that bike that Blizzard got made. Orc stops at the Mc’Donalds and buys some cheeseburgers and some fries.

Look on the faces of people that have no clue whats that all about and everyone recording it with their smartphones would make that such a huge viral marketing for Warcraft that everyone in the world would hear that name. That would be cool, but not gonna happen 😀

One of things was about overusing CGI in the movies, Duncan was defending CGI as a tool to make better movies while some fans of practical effects were very eager to prove too much CGI is bad for the movie.

“I hear this ‘CGI in film sucks,’ mantra again & again. It doesn’t. It’s a tool like any other. It can be done well & it can be done sh**. The best CGI has you forgetting its CGI, and accepting the visual as whatever it is supposed to be. Like props. No one has an issue with ‘props’ in film, do they?”

My opinion on the subject would be just one comparison – Planet of the Apes (2001) by Tim Burton vs. Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) by Rupert Wyatt. I rest my case 😉

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