WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


Still no Warcraft movie info from set

Unfortunately the thing I hope won’t happened is pretty much happening and that is lack of any information, pictures from movie set or interviews from crew on what’s going on. It’s been weeks since the shooting started and Duncan Jones on his twitter sometimes drop a line about how sets are awesome, but that’s about it. Not really a great way to slowly raise the hype for the movie we have been waiting for so long. Only thing so far that was shown also came from Duncan on his twitter and that is this picture…

warcraft-movie-image1You can see a brainstorming VFX crew with Bill Westenhoffer & Duncan Jones….and a good looking sandwich on the table 🙂

I don’t know, maybe it’s still too early for showing us some set pictures, but I hope they will not leave us in dark during the whole filming…that would be simply rude from Legendary and Blizzard.

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BlizzCon 2013 Warcraft Movie Panel

divider-postblizzcon2013-warcraft-moviedivider-postFinally after so many BlizzCons we get more than few sentences about movie. We got an hour of talking about the movie. Even they say they did something similar 3 years ago, I guess my memory of that event is pritty dim. Anyway, on the panel the talkers were Duncan Jones, Chris Metzen, Bill Westenhoffer and Nick Carpenter. You can watch the full Warcraft movie panel here.

They said right in the start that they really don’t have too much to share since marketing haven’t started yet and hell not even filming that will start in January. So it was more of a chit chat between the guys on panel and their backgrounds and what they want to do with movie. Both Duncan and Bill are long time Warcraft players and are very passionate about the project. Duncan expressed his interest while still Raimi was in the picture. Later he got his chance, he read the current script and decided it too much Alliance and that story need to be told from both sides and from the start – The First War. The movie will be live action plus CGI and to my surprise, Orc will be played by real actors cause they want to make them as believable as possible. Bill said that they have a great team at ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) that is working on the Orcs. They aim for gritty style with Avatar & Game of Throne mix.

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