WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


Blizzcon 2007 and Warcraft the Movie

divider-postWell finaly something solid about movie. On this years Blizzcon lots of juicy details came out in a conference talk between few main people in the project. First thing is that the movie is scheduled to go live during 2009. but because at this moment not cast or the director is chosen, i think late 2009. prolly 🙂

Second, the movie will be big, huge and even epic, budget is $100mil with a + prolly because Blizzard is known to do their projects perfect. The story will happen about a year before World of Warcraft story (game time ofc) and it will focused on what the whole Warcraft is all about – conflict between Orcs and Humans. There will be new hero introduced, a badass hero they said with a theme of conflict and culture. The movie will be more of War movie then a quest one from the Alliance perspective, so we can expect a badass battle too. We will see races and characters already known through the game story.

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