WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


Warcraft vs. Mass Effect Adaptation


Duncan Jones said on his Twitter that shooting is half way done, so 45 day more. There was some media at the set also, just they have to keep quiet for the moment since it seems there is a NDA on every bit of information from the set. Kinda sucks, even though with other Blizzard properties it’s usually like that, except there was always some datamining so things got out ahead of time. It would be pretty hard to datamine a movie production….ahh well 🙂

Anyway, IGN had a chat with Legendary CEO Thomas Tull about their hot game movie rights, Warcraft and Mass Effect. Here is a part of the interview…

IGN: Given the expansive nature of World of Warcraft, what was the key for you guys in coming up with a story structure that worked as a film? I know a lot of people struggled with that for a long time.

Tull: Oh, yeah. That’s great. So here’s what that boils down to: At Legendary, if our logo’s on it, we want it to be great, not just an okay way to spend two hours. So with Warcraft, the reason it took so long to develop is because the world does not need another bad video game movie.

IGN: Yup.

Tull: Frankly, our attitude from the beginning — we have an amazing relationship with the guys at Blizzard, and they care very much about their universe as storytellers — if it were just the game, we would not have known how to make Warcraft, which is a video game experience, into a movie. But, because they’ve done such an incredible job of building out the lore — they have something like a hundred books — there’s a real story and deep history behind the characters and races and everything. So that’s really what we mined and got into. Like, what are some of the main characters that make this such an interesting universe, and what are the stories that we want to tell? We were finally able to get a script and story that we felt was incredibly compelling, and that’s how we’re able to get a director like Duncan Jones.

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