WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


Mark Hildebrandt training with Robert Goodwin

divider-postGot some pictures of Mark Hildebrandt practicing sword fighting with Robert Goodwin for his role of Varian Wrynn in WoW movie. The pictures are not too good in quality so I didn’t put the “click for bigger” option 🙂

mark-hildebrandt-warcraft-training6mark-hildebrandt-warcraft-training5  mark-hildebrandt-warcraft-training4 mark-hildebrandt-warcraft-training3 mark-hildebrandt-warcraft-training2 mark-hildebrandt-warcraft-training1 christian-bale-batman-training
The last picture is Christian Bale training with Goodman for Batman

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Building A Cinematic Hero: TMP Interviews Mark Hildebrandt

divider-postWith all the Marvel and DC films coming out lately, not to mention the new Superman and Batman films on the horizon, the popularity of superhero movies is at an all time high. Everywhere audience members turn another mainstream actor is gracing the screen in a costume that showcases a massive, ripped physique that mirrors their comic counterpart. Leave it to the studios to ensure that reality will always imitate art.

But with all the muscle and power on the screen, an audience member has to wonder: just how does an actor like Gerard Butler, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, or even Mickey Rourke or Robert Downey Jr. transform themselves into the larger-than-life heroes so many have followed in the pages of best selling comics and graphic novels.

TheMoviePool: Hey, Mark.  With the intensity of your upcoming schedule, we’re glad you could take some time to talk with us today.

Mark Hildebrandt: No problem, thank you for having me.

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Mark Hildebrandt trains with Robert Goodwin

divider-postmark-hildebrandt3Upcoming actor-screenwriter Mark Hildebrandt has discovered his warrior within through film fighting training with Bob Goodwin. In about four sessions per week for well over the past year, Mark has honed stunt fighting skills that he plans to put to good use in major lead roles in a truly impressive slate of upcoming feature films.

With Bob Goodwin as his trainer, Mark has mastered medieval weaponry skills in preparation to play the co-lead role of Sir Lancelot in the upcoming film “Excalibur.” Bob has also trained Mark in swords, knives, and Filipino Kali, further strengthening his skills to play the lead role of King Varian Wrynn in another upcoming feature film, “Warcraft

But wait, there’s more, like playing the role of Mark Antony opposite Angelina Jolie in James Cameron’s upcoming feature “Cleopatra,” and talk of the potential as a consideration as replacement if Tom Hardy is truly out as the lead character Max Rockatansky in “Mad Max Fury Road.”

Source – filmfightingla.com

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