WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


Travis Fimmel: Man on a Mission


At 36, Travis Fimmel, who grew up with his parents and two older brothers on a 5,500-acre dairy farm in small-town Lockington, Australia, is trying something that’s well out of his comfort zone. This June, the former Calvin Klein underwear model, who had a mixed bag of TV and film roles before coming into his own as the lead on Vikings in 2013, is breaking into the world of big-budget summer blockbusters with Warcraft.

redbull_jump_1792finalv2He stars in the CGI-heavy fantasy epic, which is based on the wildly popular video game franchise that boasted 12 million subscribers worldwide at its height and over 100 million accounts during the life of its most successful game, 2004’s World of Warcraft.

Fimmel is not a gamer nor had he heard of Warcraft prior to coming onboard for the film adaptation. But he has a simple explanation for his interest in the pressurized project, which tells the origin story of conflict between human and orc warriors: “I needed a job,” he says with a laugh.

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Travis Fimmel talks about Warcraft movie

divider-postwarcraft movie travis fimmeldivider-postHow do you feel all of the action and fighting from Vikings helped prepare you forWarcraft?

It certainly helps. It’s very different. Warcraft is very motion capture-oriented and special effects-orientated and we wear costumes that I couldn’t get through a door with all the armor. You can’t lift your arms above your head with that on, but Vikings is a bit more natural with the fighting.

Were you aware of the whole Warcraft phenomenon before you stepped into the role of Anduin Lothar?

No, I wasn’t at all. It’s amazing how many people play the game. I saw all the visuals. The movie is so close to Warcraft. They really kept it true to the game and you get a pretty good sense of the game just from what we’re doing on set.

Did you ever go back to try to play the game after being in the movie?

No, to be honest, I haven’t. I’ve never been much of a gamer.

Full interview with Travis Fimmel about his other projects on craveonline.com

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Warcraft Casting Announcement

Few hours ago Legendary Pictures posted an official press release with a details about lead cast of the Warcraft movie. I was little surprised since some of the names that has been word about suddenly vanished and some that had been no words at all signed the deal. Well, I guess thats how Hollywood business works – some get skrewed some sign deals.

Anyway, the names on the list are Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Toby Kebbell, Rob Kazinsky and Ben Foster with Dominic Cooper in negotiations. First two names were known from previous negotiation rumors, but others are pretty new. I’ll be honest, I am little dissapointed about this cast, especially since it’s a lead cast. Except Dominic Cooper all other actors are kind of meh for my pick.

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Travis Fimmel joining the Warcraft cast?

Travis Fimmel was mentioned before in the possible cast rumors few weeks ago and it seems he is close to join the Warcraft cast. Variety reports from their source that after a lengthy search, Legendary Pictures has found one of its leading men.

No formal offer has been presented yet but sources (usually means actors agent) say he is their guy for one of the four leads in the movie. Travis Fimmel currently is the star of History Channel’s “Vikings”, which is at this moment in production for season two. What character or plot Fimmel will play are still unknown.

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