WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


Warcraft Movie Facts

divider-postwrathdivider-postAnnounced at BlizzCon 2006, it has been a long ride for the Warcraft movie project. Hot and cold relationship with the fans over those years with Sam Raimi as a first serious sign that the project will be made, but we were not that lucky since Sam left to do other projects since this one was dragged too long. First script, second script and now third script made and Duncan Jones taking the director chair in 2013 finally set the project in motion. In ComiCon 2013 Legendary gave a brief mood teaser trailer and announced early 2014 shooting with release date set somewhere in 2015. Seven years of waiting for the movie and it bloody be good. 🙂

While previous story was based on Varian Wrynn gladiator days comicbook, with new writer and new director the story went into big revamp. After BlizzCon 2013 Warcraft movie panel, it was said that story will be set in the First War between Humans & Orcs with main characters Anduin Lothar and Durotan.

Production Companies:
Legendary Pictures
Atlas Entertainment
Universal Pictures
Blizzard Entertainment

Directed by: 
Duncan Jones

Writing credits:
Gary Whitta (Draft)
Robert Rodat (Draft)
Chris Metzen
 (Story & characters)
Charles Leavitt (Screenplay)
Duncan Jones (Screenplay)

Produced by:
Alex Gartner – producer
Jon Jashni – producer
Chris Metzen – co-producer
Charles Roven – producer
Nichlas S. Carpenter – co-producer
Thomas Tull – producer
Paul W. Sams – executive producer
Michael Morhaime – executive producer
Stuart Fenegan – executive producer
Brent O’Connor – executive producer
Jillian Share – executive producer

Paula Patton – Garona
Travis Fimmel – Anduin Lothar
Toby Kebbell – Durotan
Rob Kazinsky – Orgrim Doomhammer
Ben Foster – Medivh
Dominic Cooper – King Llane Wrynn
Daniel Wu – Gul’dan
Clancy Brown – Blackhand
Ruth Negga – Lady Taria
Ben Schnetzer – Khadgar
Callum Keith Rennie – Moroes
Daniel Cudmore – ?
Ryan Robbins – ?
Michael Antonakos – Officer
Donnie MacNeil – Squire
Michael Patric – Human Villager
Kristian Bakstad – Gryphon Caller