WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


Warcraft Movie – Deleted scene – “Orcs Discuss Fel”


One of the Warcraft movie deleted scenes. Frostwolf clan talks around the campfire about Fel magic with Grom Hellscream finally getting some good scenes and Blackhand explaining why he didn’t take the Fel.

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Warcraft Movie & The Future of CGI


BBC takes you behind the scenes of Warcraft movie to see how Industrial Light & Magic created never-before-seen special effects and how they are pioneering the future of CGI. ILM had to create new technology in 3D modeling and animation to be able to create more realistic Orcs. They had to push the CGI and motion capture technology a step further than any movie before to recreate Azeroth on the big screen.

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Warcraft Movie Reviews – Non Spoilers


Since there was a bunch of pretty crappy reviews going around the web from various web sites that just trashed the movie for various reasons that IMO really don’t have nothing to do with actual movie. Like it’s a video game movie so it’s bad by default, it’s not Lord of the Rings, too much CGI, the color of some Orc is racist….wtf. I still didn’t have a chance to see the movie because I live in one of those EU countries that will get it last (lucky me), so I put two good and more realistic reviews by YT folks that I follow so their opinion I value. First is more “non fan” perspective from Collider Movie Talk crew, the other is from Warcraft fan perspective by Danielle aka Panser from TradeChat.

Mark Ellis, Kristian Harloff and John Campea give their non-spoiler review for Collider Movie Talk

Danielle Mackey aka Panser from TradeChat

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Warcraft Movie Clips


Warcraft Movie Clips – 4 longer movie clips. Karazhan scene, Orc ambush, Garona with Llane, Durotan & Orgrim talking…..

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