WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


WoW Movie fansite Facebook page

warcraft-movie-news8Took me awhile, about 3-4 years to finally make a facebook page related to this fansite so be nice and go join it 😉

WoW Movie fansite

I think that maybe this year is the year that we start to get some real info about the movie, even thou i had those feelings last year also. But now its different, the leaked Blizz slate put the WoW Movie release at the end of 2013 so maybe it really is time to start giving some better info then usual “we are working on it”.

Sam Raimi is filming the Oz this summer starting in July so he should finish it by the end of year and since theres no new movies connected to him on imdb after OZ maybe its time he jumps offically on Warcraft. Or they can just find another director.

I guess we will see on BlizzCon this year, or I hope for some new info even sooner, you never know with Blizzard 🙂

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