WARCRAFT MOVIE - Release date: June 10, 2016 - Director: Duncan Jones


WoW Movie gets a new director

divider-postduncan-jonesIt’s been half a year since last news that was actually about the movie and finally today something worth posting. When Raimi left the director’s chair empty there were speculation who will take the chair next and one name, not very high on the wish list, came up that I actually thought was one of the best to take over –Duncan Jones.

He showed he got the talent with movies Moon and Source Code plus, and that is a big plus, he is a big fan of Warcraft universe. He understands it and for WoW movie project to work, you need to have director who understand the Warcraft lore. Raimi was never fan of the game, they made him play it for a while for PR purpose, but Duncan is a real deal.

Now we just need Charles Leavitt to make a good script and in the hands of talented director who is also a gamer I honestly believe this movie will be success. Warner Bros. set the Fall 2013 as a good time to start shooting and 2015 good time for a release. So in next months I think we will start hearing officially who will be the cast and for what role. Even though some of the names are known already and unofficially confirmed, but in WoW slang “SS or it didn’t happen” we will have to wait for that officially “SS” from Legendary about the cast.

So  now with a huge hope that this project after 5 years will actually start rolling for real, cuz I really don’t know what more they need…..i’ll give you fresh info as soon as I get my hand on it 🙂

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